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The Choir of LightWhen a world famous artist and a sacred place meet...

The Choir of Light

Discover the Chapel of Light, created by the famous British sculptor Anthony Caro.

When contemporary art, architecture, historical heritage and a sacred place meet, it produces a stunning artistic work.

Partly destroyed by a fire during the Second World War, the gothic choir of the St. John the Baptist Church did not open before 1962. In 2000, the Ministry of Culture and Communication established a public commission in order to restore the choir of the Church.

Sir Anthony Caro, British sculptor, was seduced by the history and architecture of the place. The artist faced a double challenge: give a new life to this place and introduce the function baptistery. After 8 years of work, Anthony Caro created a stunning group of fifteen sculptures.

Anthony Caro uses raw materials: wood, steel, iron, stone, concrete …