LAAC – Contempory Art and Action Museum

At the heart of a sculpture park overlooking the famous Dunkirk Beaches, the LAAC modern art museum defies the sky with its remarkable, white-ceramic architecture. As exuberant and gay as the years of the pop art, the LAAC is home to an exceptional collection of over 1,500 works of art which reflect the atmosphere of the1940’s to the 1940‘s (including Circus by Karel Appel, Car Crash by Andy Warhol and Valise Expansion by César). The works are alternately dispayed, according to the exhibition programme.

In the museum’s not-to-be-missed Graphic Arts Room, visitors set off on a unique artistic exploration, with the possibility of discovering nearly 200 drawings and prints exhibited in drawers and sliding showcases.

This friendly museum offers a multitude of fun and interactive tools for a visit with family or friends, as well as a rich, year-long events calendar combining the fine and performing arts.

With the FRAC (“Regional Collection of Contemporary Art”) located just nearby, the LAAC constitutes a veritable “centre of excellence” for contemporary art.