© Five happy friends run and jump to sunset lake beach after party

Our seaside resorts

6 different experiences

From Bray-Dunes to Gravelines, our beaches are straight out of a picture-book… Stretching further than the eye can see, they make our coastline a paradise for families and all those who love sports, nature and wide open spaces.


If you want to explore the six beaches along the Dunkerque Flandre Côte d’Opale coastline, you’re going to need a well-organised long weekend. The six beaches lie side-by-side along a single stretch of North Sea coast.

Bray-Dunes, the ‘northernmost’

All are beautiful white sand beaches, punctuated by dune ridges, little fishing villages, promenade jetties and shorelines that seem to call out for you to walk along them.


Zuydcoote, the ‘wild’

The whole coastline is one giant playground for watersports, with land-sailing vehicles racing about on the sands, under a blue sky flecked with multi-coloured kitesurf sails.

Leffrinckoucke, the ‘natural’

Even though they’re side-by-side, these beaches are entirely different from each other. 

Malo-les-Bains, the ‘resort’

Six different styles, six different experiences: live them your own way! 

Petit-Fort-Philippe, the ‘family’ beach

Here is the nature and wide open spaces, here is the fresh sea air you’ve been dreaming of.

Grand-Fort-Philippe, the nature reserve

Now go ahead and enjoy it!