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Come aboard the Princess ElizabethA Dunkirk Little Ship

The Princess Elizabeth Little Ship

A unique piece of History 5 minutes from the center town. Come aboard an authentic Little Ship, which evacuated 1673 soldiers in 1940, and enjoy a fresh or hot drink, or an unforgetable lunch or dinner.

Star of the film 'Dunkirk'

In May 2016, Christopher Nolan’s team landed in Dunkirk to film his new movie ‘Dunkirk‘. While thousand of extras took part in the film, a special guest also participated: The Princess Elizabeth. The ship relived Operation Dynamo again and came back to the place of its major accomplishment.

A new life for the Princess Elizabeth

The Princess Elizabeth is a paddle-steamer built between 1926-1927. She was named the Princess Elizabeth to celebrate the birth of the present queen.

In May 1940, she played a crucial part in Operation Dynamo. Accompanied by the flotilla of ‘Little Ships’ which sailed to Dunkirk to rescue the stranded soldiers, she saved 1673 Allied soldiers in 4 crossings.

Today, you can observe the majestic Princess Elizabeth at the Estacade quay, near the Pole Marine Shopping Centre in Dunkirk. Keeping history alive, the Princess Elizabeth perpetuates the ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ created by Churchill in 1940.

New life for the Princess Elizabeth

The city of Dunkirk decided to give to the Princess Elizabeth a new life. The paddle-streamer was converted in a gastronomic restaurant, whilst strictly maintaining the structure and spirit of the ship, so as to preserve its British character and authenticity. The menu combines refined local cuisine with a British touch. The upper deck has a capacity of 80 guests.


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