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Explore the Fort des DunesWhere History meets nature

The Fort des Dunes

Hidden along the dunes, the Fort des Dunes welcomes you to tell you about Operation Dynamo, but also about French fortifications, the history ogf Flanders, and the nature surrounding the area.

An historical site in a natural site

LE MUSERIAL: 600 m² of permanent exhibitions

History of the French-Flemish coast. From Turenne (1658) to Operation Dynamo (1940)

Audiotours are available in English.

The new layout of the exhibition in the barracks buildings stretches over 6 rooms, where you find video presentations, mockups and interactive displays.

The exhibition focuses on 6 themes:

– Flanders, a strategic location. Understand the geographic and historical context of the area, from the counts of Flanders in the Middle Ages and the Battle of the Dunes in 1658 to the 21st century.
– The layout and the importance of the defensive system conceived by General Séré de Rivières, architect of the fort, at the end of the 19th century.
– The operation of a barracks system such as the Fort des Dunes
– The Fort des Dunes during World War 2: Get a better understanding of what the Battle of Dunkirk and Operation Dynamo must have been like for the sodiers and the local population through previously unreleased firts-hand accounts.
– The German occupation and the local resistance
– The Fort des Dunes : from military buildings to a site of remembrance, located in a protected natural environment.

You can complete the tour of the exhibition in the barrack block with an audio-guided tour of the exterior of the fort. This will take you onto a newly laid out circuit marked with explanatory stands.

This will allow you to understand the strategic and defensive organisation of the fort, the design of General Séré de Rivière’s military architecture and see the changes made during the German occupation (bunker, radar, anti-aircraft defense etc.)

The tour takes you to the top of the fort and there are magnificent views over the North Sea and the dunes, the maritime plain, the hills of Flanders and the city of Dunkirk.

Info & reservation

Musérial – Fort des Dunes

Rue du 2 juin 1940
59495 Leffrinckoucke

+33 (0)3 28 29 13 17

Open from Tuesday to Sunday,  10h00 – 12h30 and 14h00 – 17h30

OPen for groups all year long upon reservation.

2020 entrance fees


Adults: 6,00 €
From 7 to 18: 3,00 €

Audiotour around the fort and in the exhibitions

Adults: 7,00 €
From 7 to 18: 3,50 €

Groups : Guided tour

Adults: 8,00 €
From 7 to 18: 4,00 €

Free entrance for children below 7

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