Vue Aérienne du Grand Site des Dunes de FlandreVue Aérienne du Grand Site des Dunes de Flandre
©Adrien Cartier - Drone Littoral
Enjoy a flight over the beaches of Operation Dynamo

Operation Dynamo aerial tour

Imagine being a pilot in the RAF during Wold War II and experience a thrilling flight over the city of Dunkirk. Prepare yourself to relive Operation Dynamo on board a light aircraft.

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Duration : 15 minutes

Named the ‘miracle of Dunkirk’ due to the amazing success of the evacuation of over 330 000 stranded soldiers during 26 May to 4 June, Operation Dynamo took place right across the fields of Dunkirk, the sea and the air. In the air, a fierce battle occurred between the Luftwaffe and the Royal Airforce. Shielding the evacuation routes, the Royal Air Force played a key role in the success of the operation.

Your flight path will take you over the following sites: the East Mole, the evacuation beaches, the Fort des Dunes, the Zuydcoote military hospital, the shipwrecks of Zuydcoote and Bray Dunes.


This 15 minute flight will give you a rare overview of the key sites of Operation Dynamo. Grasp this unique opportunity to take a flight on board a light aircraft and relive Operation Dynamo. Call us to book your place for just €155 (up to 3 persons included).