Here's a sport I bet you haven't heard of before: 'rand'eau' is a home-grown form of hiking - you walk along in the waves! You just go aqua-hiking in the North Sea. This sporty and fun activity gives you a good dose of the ocean: the fun of the waves, the pleasure of the water, the sense of escape, and the strange encounters with marine creatures...

You might be startled, while walking along the seawall promenades, by the sight of some bizarre individuals in diving gear "advancing" through the water. Don't be frightened: they're commonly known as "longeurs", and you're quite welcome to join them. Some are veterans, some are addicted to the sport and the energy boost it gives; while others, like you, are just passing through and joining in for fun.

In single file or in organized formation, off you'll go along the coast on a discovery trip, flanking the dunes, avoiding the shipwrecks and experiencing nature to the full.

This activity is suitable for all ages and abilities. Kinder on the body than jogging, Rand'eau Mer gives the "longeurs" all the benefits of bathing in the sea.

So, go ahead and grab a wetsuit, it's time to go for a hike in the sea!

Everybody in the water

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Sea hiking weekend
Sea hiking weekend

Discover an original new sport in a friendly atmosphere!

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