Bray-Dunes, a vacation state of mind

In the 17th century, Bray-Dunes was home to a few farms and fishing families who settled in the dunes. A modest hamlet, it officially became Bray-Dunes in 1883. The city was named after Alphonse Bray, a ship-owner.

Today, Bray-Dunes is a charming seaside resort with a row of beachfront villas. It's a family-friendly, recreational kind of town. The beach is a popular meeting place and an ideal spot for water sports and activities.

Bray-Dunes is the last French beach before the Belgian border - or the first, depending of your point of view.

On top of the surrounding dunes, you'll find yourself at the heart of a 600-hectare mosaic of environments and atmospheres.

When the tide is low, the sea unveils the wrecks of the Vonette and Devonia, which ran aground on the beach in 1929 and 1940. After a few minutes walk, you will discover the wreck of the Crested Eagle, a British paddle steamer which took part to Operation Dynamo, and lies between Bray-Dunes and Zuydcoote.

The seaside resort of Bray-Dunes

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