It's at low tide the beaches of Dunkerque Flandre Côte d'Opale come out in their full glory. Long, wide stretches of sand, the kind of playground that wind-junkies dream about! Perfect for land-sailing, speed sailing, buggying, kite-buggying, or mountain-boarding...

The sea seems to merge with the sky. The wind whistles. And you're off, flying on the waves or along the neverending miles of white sand. Fly, glide, surf: sailing, landsailing, kitesurfing, kiteing. The wind fills your sail, and your heart starts to thump as you feel that sudden burst of speed. You go gliding over the sea, or along the white sand of the dunes.

There are several first-rate sailing schools in Dunkerque Flandre Côte d'Opale where you can hire equipment or book lessons, whatever your level. Beginner or expert, get out there and let the wind fill your sails!

Hoist all the sails!

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Sandyachting weekend
Sandyachting weekend

The beach of Dunkirk Malo-les-Bains is the ideal spot for sandyachting, for a weekend of sports, sea and fun. From € 122 per person.

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