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Whether you're passing through Malo-les-Bains or you're a permanent resident, this is an app that will give you lots of practical information of all kinds.

Featurings :

– All the news in Malo-les-Bains.

– Complete schedule of events and activities at the seaside resort (reading, entertainment, sports, exhibitions, concerts, youth, etc.).

– Access to an interactive map that will help you find restaurants, the Town Hall, hotels, parking lots, etc.

– Malo-les-Bains free shuttle timetable.

– Weather forecast and tides table.

– Access to the webcams around the seaside resort.






With the "Les Dunes de Flandre" smartphone app, you can check the live weather forecast of the Dunes de Flandre coastline, and also see the live images streamed from 3 webcams positioned on the beachfront in Dunkirk and Bray-Dunes. With notifications sent to you as and when you choose, it's a smart way to get instant information about when conditions are best for your favourite sport!

Thanks to these webcams, you have a live view over the beach, with panoramic photos and short videos filmed at different moments of the day. Are you into watersports? Kitesurfing or any kind of surfing? Or are you simply a mum or dad? Using live weather information combined with the forecasting tools of pro websites such as Windguru, MétéoFrance, etc, you can create your own personal alerts, and "Les Dunes de Flandre" app will tell you when there's lots of sunshine, when the wind is strong enough, when it's blowing from the best direction, etc.

And as a little extra, you can also choose to receive notifications about events going on around the Dunes de Flandre coastline, with all the info you need (programme, place(s), time(s), etc) 






With the "navette" (shuttle) app, you can track down the location of the shuttle in Dunkirk city-centre in real time, thanks to your mobile phone's GPS (GPS must be activated). By positioning itself in relation to the shuttle's circuit, your smartphone automatically tells you your position and when the next shuttle will pass.

It's a talking app and tells you how much time is left before the next shuttle goes by.

Select your stop along the shuttle circuit before you get there, and you can see how much time you have before the next shuttle comes along.

The purpose of this app is to help people get around Dunkirk city centre by giving them access to park-and-ride schemes and a free city-centre shuttle service. 







DK’Vélo, the self-service bike scheme of the city of Dunkirk.      

With the dk'vélo app, you can consult a live map of the self-service bike stations: number of bikes available, parking places available, where the bike stations are located, itinerary to get to the nearest bike station (your mobile's GPS must be activated).

Weather information is also available in real time. This is a talking app. It also has all the information you need about how to use the service and the terms of subscription and use. DK'Vélos is very cheap, with an annual subscription costing €5 if you're registered with the DK'BUS public transport network, or €10 if not.





'MARINAS Côte d’Opale' APP

Designed for sailors, this app helps you come into port, easily find the port services and find out what there is to do in the region: nature, culture, food and sailing-related activities and info.    





This app, a tourism tool created in 2014 as part of the Europe-wide "Walls and Gardens" project, leads you through the various sites inside the walls of the fortified town of Gravelines. It's a Smartphone audio-guide, available in 3 languages. It offers guided tours, displays points of interest, and gives scientific information to improve your visit and help you understand every aspect of this fortified town. The starting-point of this 2-km circuit, accessible to all, is Place Albert Denvers.