Follow our guide on a walk along the shooting locations of the Hollywood blockbuster and discover the secrets of the making of "Dunkirk".

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Several epic scenes of the acclaimed Hollywood movie "Dunkirk" were shot on location in and around Malo-les-Bains, the seaside resort of Dunkerque. Our English speaking guide takes you on a tour in the footsteps of actors like Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles.
Director Christopher Nolan insisted on filming as many scenes as possible in Dunkirk, on the sites where the battle actually took place.
You'll see that no expenses were spared to recreate an authentic atmosphere. Some of the streets of Malo les Bains look exactly as they do in the first scenes of the film, except for the cars. And then there is the beach of course, where 1500 extras formed the queues of soldiers awaiting their turn to evacuate, on the same North Sea beaches as the troops did in 1940.
At the end of the walk, our guide will show you the East Mole, the breakwater that played a decisive role during Operation Dynamo (May-June 1940). More than two thirds of the 338.000 allied soldiers were evacuated from the East Mole. The mole was partly rebuilt for the needs of the shooting.



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