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Duration : 1h45

To experience the story of "Dunkirk", you should come to Dunkerque!
The film "Dunkirk" received international acclaim upon its release in 2017. However, many people have not seen the movie yet. Therefore, we offer a showing of the film, which takes you into the action of the Operation Dynamo.

During 9 days, in May and June 1940, around 400 000 French and British soldiers were surrounded by the German army in Dunkirk, and almost 340 000 of them were evacuated to England, during what happened to be the biggest military naval evacuation of all times.

Walk into some of these soldiers’ steps and feel a bit of the “Dunkirk Experience” during the viewing of this Academy Awards winning film.

After the film, we can offer you a movie set walking tour, or a historical Dynamo Tour.



The original English version with French subtitles of the Christopher Nolan’s film, starring

Kenneth Brannagh,
Tom Hardy,
Mark Rylance,
Cilian Murphy,
Fionn Whitehead
Harry Styles


from 4 €

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