Inspired and Modern

Dunkerque Flandre Côte D'Opale is an artistic hub, an unexpected spring of modern art. Here, you'll find the work of artists like César, Karel Appel, Andy Warhol and Anthony Caro, along with a proliferation of architects and town planners.

Take a walk on the art side, and let all this creative genius give you that child-like sense of wonder.  Theatres, museums, art galleries, musical events and lots of other exceptional resources abound in this land of innovation and creativity: a whole palette of colourful experiences for you to share!

In Dunkerque Flandre Côte d’Opale, you'll see an abundance of original, eye-catching architecture. A whole village centre, for example, all of it reconstructed to echo the past, a neighbourhood struck through and through with eccentricity, Belle Epoque seaside villas, fortifications designed by Vauban, contemporary sculptures, UNESCO-listed belfries, and urban landscapes reshaped around their quaysides...

Your cultural journey in the northen lands starts here...

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