Spring is the season to enjoy typical french markets in and around Dunkirk

Open markets

The residents of Dunkirk are proud of their bustling open markets in the centre of the town located at the square of Général de Gaulle on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Dunkirk’s seaside resort of Malo-les-Bains is a lively place to visit. Each Tuesday morning there is a lovely open market at Turenne square. Making a great starting point for a stroll along the beach promenade to take some fresh air and dine in one of the many seaside restaurants.

The traditional open market at the centre of the borough of Rosendaël, on Sunday mornings is also not to be missed.

In Gravelines, additional open markets take place in the square of Albert Denvers on Fridays, in the square of Calmette (boulevard de l’Est in July and August) on Sunday mornings and at the square of Houriez on Wednesday mornings.

Inside the bulwarks of Bergues, you can enjoy the open market on Monday mornings, between the square of République and the Square of Gambetta.

Flea market – Boot sales

Boot sales are held during the summer in nearly every city of Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France. Typically, the locals set up their stands in many of the streets to sell their bric-a-brac. But you will also find food stands, as well as local vendors selling traditional goods and crafts at reduced prices accompanied by live music.

There is also usually a flea market somewhere in the region on most weekends, as you can see on the following list. The Tourist Offices will be happy to provide a full list.

- May 1st: Dunkerque -Malo-les-Bains
- May 30th : Dunkerque, International boot fair (MAPID)
- June 1st: Leffrinckoucke
- July 14th: Dunkerque -Malo-les-Bains
- August 2nd: Dunkerque -Malo-les-Bains, night boot sales
- August 3rd: Leffrinckoucke
- August 15th: Dunkerque