You know this region, the dunes of Flandres, don't you? You've probably strolled around here with your family or friends before; maybe you've cycled through it? This magnificent site stretches along 15 kilometres of sandy beach from Dunkirk to Bray-Dunes. The dune fields flanking this exceptional coastline make it a very special environment.

Past these seaside landscapes, further south, you reach the maritime plains with their network of canals, the famous "polder".
More than a treasure of nature, the dunes of Flanders are also precious to the region's history and heritage. The arms battery of Zuydcoote, the Fort des Dunes in Leffrinckoucke, the vestiges of the Great War (bunker, shipwrecks, etc.), all bear witness to our culture and our past.
And lastly, those thirsty for sports, excitement and adventure are spoilt for choice here, between land, sea and air: watersports, cycling, horse-riding, parachuting, hiking... 15 kilometres of beach, 1,000 hectares of nature, the wind, a wonderful stretch of sea, and the list goes on... The dunes of Flanders are a paradise for outdoors sports and leisure.

The Grand Site des Dunes de Flandres is a surprising and diverse region, stretching from the seaside resort of Malo-les-Bains in Dunkirk all the way to Bray-Dunes and even beyond the Belgian border.

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A la découverte des dunes de Flandre

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Dunkirk war museum
Dunkirk war museum

The Dunkirk War Museum tells the story of the Battle of Dunkirk and the evacuation of  338.226 Allied Soldiers during Operation Dynamo.

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